FLC Studienkolleg’s mission: to prepare you for employment or vocational training in Germany.
For more than 7 years, FLC has been the leading training organization for qualifying vocational training, education or employment in Germany. Its primary mission has not changed: to prepare you for vocational training, education or employment. Created in 2012 to meet the needs or universities and the job market and training in the Federal Republic of Germany.

FLC: the first training organization for qualifying vocational training, study, cultural stay and social stay in the Federal Republic of Germany.

We accompany ambitious young people and professionals looking for a job in Germany at all periods of their professional life (integration, reconversion, professionalization) through programs tailored to the needs of candidates and employers. We also serve the economic and personal development, growth and competitiveness of candidates by training the skills they need to meet the demands of the German labor market.

We have entrusted ourselves with four missions:

Preparation: preparation for vocational training, health, crafts, catering, technology and crafts, preparation for studies. We offer candidates the language skills and the basics according to the job cultural knowledge to facilitate integration in the country of destination. we provide follow-up before employment and during employment abroad.
the anticipation of the jobs and skills of tomorrow: the identification of emerging skills, the design and experimentation of preparations for the training of tomorrow.
support for skills development: the study of the needs of new skills in the labor market.
support for operators who are responsible for consulting activities in the workplace, particularly through the discovery of trades on FLC Studienkolleg’s technical platforms.
Prepare your professional project and your entry into training
Digital revolution, ecological transition, demographic problems … the labor market is constantly evolving in Germany. You want to train in Germany in the trades of crafts, health, catering, IT and technology to work as a qualified employee but you need to be prepared for the requirements of employers in Germany. You want to learn new skills but you are afraid of not having the level. We offer you with the support of partners a new service: Preparation Professional Training. Presentation in 4 questions.
What is Prep professional training?
Training and a device, Prep professional training is a language and academic training prescribed by our partner companies in Germany as part of the counseling and preparation for a successful training conducted by FLC.

As a school of preparation, you:

You study German
You are taking classes in Math, Physics, English, etc …
Will work your professional project,
reinforce your business idea with a discovery on a training platform and / or in a company
will gain self-confidence
learn to value what you already know how to do,
Who is it for? Prep professional training?

You can integrate Prep professional training if you are:

You are young bachelor in search of a place for vocational training in Germany
Young or adult jobseeker wishing to work in Germany
You are a professional looking for a new opportunity in Germany
You need and need to reinforce your skills and reassure yourself before considering access to training.
You want to integrate Prep professional training? You wish to have additional information? Get closer to FLC.

The stages of Preparation Professional Training

Courses in German, English, Maths, Physics, Accounting
Candidates take courses in German and English up to level b1 or b2 and more Candidates will be able to acquire the basic knowledge and prerequisites in the field in which they will do the training or work as well as a strengthening of knowledge in maths, English, computer science, physics, etc. … according to the needs of companies and the requirements of the profession


German: 20 h / week
Mathematics: 6 hours / week
Computers: 4 hours / week
English: 2 hours / week
German culture and civilization: 2 hours / week
Accounting 2 hours / week
One month internship if necessary

support in the search for a place of vocational training in Germany.
Candidates are monitored during the search for a place of professional training and receive advice to optimize the experiences, enhance assets, express projects, target the research.

Prepare your visa application and trip planning
We assist you in your visa application process and the preparation of your trip as well as in finding accommodation in Germany
Follow-up during employment or training
We assist you during training or employment in Germany to share with you our social and professional experience in Germany as well as help integration into your new environment.

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