FLC’s mission: to prepare you for employment or vocational training in Germany, Austria or Luxemburg

For more than 7 years, FLC has been the leading training organization for qualifying vocational training, education or employment in Germany. Its primary mission has not changed: to prepare you for vocational training, education or employment. Created in 2012 to meet the needs of the job market abroad.

FLC, the first predatory organization for qualifying vocational training of assets

We accompany young ambitious and professional looking for a job in Germany at all periods of their professional life (integration, reconversion, professionalization) through programs adapted to the needs of candidates and employers. We also serve the economic and personal development, growth and competitiveness of candidates by training the skills they need to meet the demands of the German job market.

We entrusted ourselves with four missions:

1. Preparation: preparation for professional training in health, crafts, catering, technology and IT as well as preparation for studies. We offer candidates linguistic knowledge as well as knowledge-based knowledge bases to facilitate integration into the country we provide follow-up before employment and during employment abroad.

2. The anticipation of the trades and skills of tomorrow: the identification of emerging skills, the design and experimentation of preparations for the training of tomorrow,

3. Support for skills development: studying the needs of new skills in the job market,

4. Support to operators: responsible for consulting activities in professional development, particularly through the discovery of trades on FLC technical platforms.

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