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We offer you 2 possibilities, you can either take group or individual lessons. Both forms of instruction are possible online or on site. Both have their advantages, you can decide for yourself which of the two options suits you best.

One-to-one lessons allow you to focus better in your lessons. Furthermore, there is no distraction from other participants, the attention of the teacher is 100% guaranteed. As your own pace is decisive, the lessons can be adapted to your individual needs. Furthermore, a personal and individual problem solving is possible, the teacher can respond to the personal situation.

A further advantage would be that you have many minutes to speak and a lot of time to ask questions. Furthermore, more flexible lesson times and frequency are possible. Depending on your needs, the frequency and duration per lesson can be increased flexibly.

In group lessons you will be motivated by learning together. This enables them to socially exchange with others. They can receive foreign input from other participants in order to get to know a different way of thinking. They have the opportunity to share and compare their solutions with the group, and in addition one does not feel alone with professional problems.

Since the group lessons are held regularly, constant learning is guaranteed. Learning in a group is often more stimulating and motivating than learning alone. Since each group member has different previous knowledge, ideas or views, a so-called group advantage is created with regard to the quality and creativity of problem solving.

Lessons on site as well as via internet are given by well-trained teaching staff. We do not offer only software for the online course as some portals do, but real teachers who can respond to you individually and want to solve your language barrier.

The advantage of on-site teaching is that if you are in a group class you can exchange ideas with others and if necessary speak directly to the teacher.

With the online training you can learn a new language from the comfort of your own home, and plan when you want to take the lessons.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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