The essential thing to know about the conditions of admission, the duration, the organization and the course of the studies, the rhythm of work, the integration of a program of preparation

Scheduled over 12 months, the preparation program (Prépa) takes place according to the objectives (vocational training, stay volunteering, study, cultural stay, employment). the purpose of the preparation is to enable the candidates to have success during the professional training, the studies, the cultural stay or the Volunteering or an internship in the Federal Republic of Germany.


Because if these Preparation Classes seek to maintain a level of excellence, they are also concerned about the well-being of their students. So you have no reason not to consider a prep, especially if you want to join a big school, companies, NGOs, etc. … in the Federal Republic of Germany.

A busy schedule and a lot of personal work.

The preparation of competitions requires a steady pace. According to our assessment, a prep school student works almost 50 hours a week, both classes and personal work. This leaves a little room for leisure … To keep up the pace of work and withstand the pressure of homework, you must know how to organize and take care, regularly, breaks.

The preparation allows to acquire rigorous working methods which will be used for the continuation of the studies in Germany, the vocational training in Germany, the stay of voluntarism in Germany, the cultural stay but also in the active life.

The regular evaluation of the work makes it possible to control the level of each one and to ensure a progression of the acquisitions.


Prep classes are intended to facilitate the success of a professional or personal training stay in Germany. Who says preparation says small motivations and reinforced educational supervision.
The teachers of the preparatory classes are available. They play the role of guardian, individually receive students who seek advice and accompany them in their work.
The schedule is divided between lectures, tutorials and, for scientific prepas, TIPE (self-initiated works).
There are several types of establishments, depending on the type of stay you wish to prepare. The best known are the Preparations for Vocational Training and Prep Study.

Types of Prepas we offer:

Preparation Professional training which gives access to vocational training in Germany by preparing candidates for the vocational training systems of the Federal Republic of Germany. At the end of the program the candidates receive a certificate and are assisted in the search for a training place, in the visa application, as well as the follow-up in Germany.

Prep studies that allow access to studies in Germany in all areas (Technical, IT, Management, …… ..). The success of studies in Germany depends on the preparation and mastery of culture and language as well as funding, which is why we organize workshops on the financing of studies in Germany (scholarship, student work, etc. . ….)

Prep Cultural stay which opens the doors of a cultural stay in Germany. The cultural stay allows to deepen one’s linguistic and cultural knowledge in order to teach German, to open up one’s cultural, personal or professional horizons or to prepare a longer stay for reasons of training, studies or professional training. To ensure the success of a cultural stay, good preparation is necessary.
Prepa Employment that facilitates integration into a society in Germany, learn German work culture, geography, food culture, vocabulary specific to his professional field. Prep professional training is highly recommended for those looking for a qualified job in Germany.

Through internships and workshops the preparation program allows to discover the professions of the future in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Applications must be made by email, they have reviewed the profiles’ notes, and the motivation.
These classes are recommended for regular students and workers. They are accessible to candidates with at least one Brevet a Bac according to the type of program.

Note: before integrating the preparation program, it is possible to follow a year of upgrade through a CPES (preparatory class for higher education).

It is necessary to know how to evaluate its chances to be sure of being held back and not necessarily to bet on the most “famous” prepas. Talk to your head teacher and go to the high school open house.

The prepas do not lead to a title, but a certificate of aptitude and are highly recommended by our partner companies in Germany.

The transition from one level to another is subject to continuous control and the opinion of the teachers. At the end of the preparatory classes, a descriptive certificate of the pupil’s course is delivered and the candidates can take part in the different language examinations according to the program.

Courses are scheduled according to the programs:

For professional training

German: 20 h / week

Mathematics: 6 hours / week

Computers: 4 hours / week

English: 2 hours / week

German culture and civilization: 2 hours

Accounting 2 hours

Preparatory study

German: 20 h / week

Mathematics: 6 hours / week

Computers: 4 hours / week

Culture culture and German civilization: 2 hours / week

Accounting 2h

Prep Cultural stay and volunteering

German: 15 h

German culture and civilization: 10 h

Information workshop and internship.

Prep Stay Employment

German: 20 h

German culture and civilization: 10 h

Universities, normal enterprises, cultural holiday agencies recruit many students after a preparatory class. We assist the candidates in the search a place according to their objectives, we advise and help also to prepare the visa application as well as we follow our candidates during their stay in Germany.

3 good reasons to register in prep
Beyond academic knowledge, what professional skills and behavioral qualities can students with preparatory classes recognize?
Prep Classes remain the royal route to “Training and Employment” in the Federal Republic of Germany. Established in public high schools and private institutions, they provide. Indeed, the largest flow of candidates from the grandes écoles of engineering or commerce and the Ecole Normales Supérieures. They also develop many skills. Which ones?

Because prepas offer a broad base of knowledge
The training, which is largely multidisciplinary, is based on a large number of academic subjects. It allows you to structure yourself intellectually, to develop your human qualities, to acquire essential scientific and cultural bases. A preparation allows to acquire a varied and high level training provided by quality teachers (holders of the aggregation and, for a majority, having a doctorate in the scientific prepas, for example) while benefiting from a personalized follow-up, regular evaluation (written and oral) and a wide range of opportunities.

Because you have the prep profile
Did you? This question is fundamental and you must try to answer it first. It is essential to have a solid, homogeneous level of education, and above all well above average. Clearly, you must be among the best in your class, with a strong academic record, French baccalaureate results, faculty assessments. Entering class prep can not improvise, any more than staying there … or succeeding in competitions. The qualities that preparation requires of you: a strong motivation, the taste of effort and studies, the desire to provide, over time, a very regular work.
The advantage prepa: the CPGE develop in the students abilities and methods of work very useful for the continuation (speed of reasoning, capacity of synthesis …).

Because prep profiles are coveted
On this point, the schools are unanimous: the CPGE students show a great power of work, organization, analysis and synthesis, an excellent capacity to conceptualize, and possess a solid general culture. Schools like these profiles, companies too. Rigor, methodology, sense of effort, pugnacity and strong working abilities, but also sense of abstraction and sharp knowledge in maths, physics-chemistry (for scientists): these are the essential prerequisites for all those who pretend to join a big school. Which would be undeniably useful and throughout the professional career of everyone.

The advantage prepa: the students of prepa often have a capacity of work tenfold. They know how to manage cases quickly and efficiently, respect deadlines and manage their stress, all essential qualities in the company.

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