The Federal Republic of Germany today occupies an important place in Europe and the world. Staying in Germany is a very enriching experience for every young person.

Geographical location: The Federal Republic of Germany is a country in Central Europe, surrounded by the North Sea, Denmark and the Baltic Sea in the north, by Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, by Austria and Switzerland in the south, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands in the west .

Population: With almost 83 million inhabitants, the Federal Republic of Germany is the most populous country in the European Union. It is a major political power and the Chancellor is widely considered the most influential political figure in the European Union.

Economy: The Federal Republic of Germany is at the same time the leading economic power in Europe and the fourth largest economic power in the world and is one of the most developed and efficient industrial countries in the world.

Industry: The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the world market leaders in the aviation, automotive, chemical and mechanical engineering sectors. In 2011, Germany was the world’s second largest exporter and is the country with the largest trade surplus in the world.

Politics: The Federal Republic of Germany is a founding member of the European Union and a member of the G7, the G20, the Eurozone, the Schengen area and NATO; it houses the headquarters of the European Central Bank, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and the European Patent Office. The Federal Republic of Germany is a very successful model of decentralization; it only has four metropolises with more than a million inhabitants: the capital Berlin as well as Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. The seat of government is in the city of Berlin.

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